Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS review: City Creek Press--Times Alive


Memorizing math facts is something that isn't always fun but is a necessity if you don't want to be counting on your fingers when you're my age. Times Alive by City Creek Press is a math program designed to help your child memorize his times tables in a fun way. 

Times Alive uses songs, videos, and mini tests to help your child memorize his facts.  Your child signs into the program and is given a lesson list.  The lessons start with the 0's-the easiest of multiplication facts.  Then it moves to 1's and from there it skips around a bit.  It moves onto 3x3, then 3x4 and then to the 2's times tables. There are a few tests along the way for your child to take to see if they are retaining their facts.

Here's an example of one the songs:

You can see other samples of the Times Alive videos here

I think that if I had started my children on learning the multiplication tables on this program, I really think  Creative Princess would have loved this program.  However, both my kids felt the stories and songs were too long and moved too slowly for them. Precise Prince did however, do 8 lessons in about 3 days so I think he liked it a bit more than he let on. Honestly, I was surprised that Creative Princess didn't love this program but she did enjoy some of the stories.  I do think the songs and stories were a bit too long for my kids.  Shorter versions would have stuck better in their heads.

That said, I do think this program has a niche. I can see some children benefiting from this program and really enjoying it.  You can go here and give it a try.  I encourage you to try the program, read other reviews from my crewmates and check it out yourself. I know many of my crewmate's children loved this program and found it helpful in memorizing the multiplication facts.

Times Alive is recommended for any child working on their multiplication facts.  My own opinion is that younger children (2-4th grade) would most likely benefit the most.

Times Alive is available for instant download on the PC or Mac for only $44.95.  The CD-ROM software is $48.95.  This program can be used for all of your children-no need to purchase one per child.  I do want to mention that when your child signs into the program, they need to be sure to write down exactly how they signed in.  Each time they go to use the program, they will need to sign in the same way.  (For example, if Precise Prince signed in the first time with precise prince all lower case and then the next time he went to use the program he signed in as Precise Prince with upper case letters, he would be starting over.)

City Creek Press has many other math products you can check out as well.

(As part of the TOS crew, I received a free download of Times Alive for free in exchange for my honest review.)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 2: The meaning behind my blog name

This one isn't too hard.  Saved by grace simply means I am saved by the grace of my savior, Jesus. I wanted something that would remind me of who I am-a child of God.  I love the reminder that nothing I can do will save me-only Christ can do that.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 1: A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts

I don't have many pictures of me.  I'm usually the one with the camera, or I hide from the camera.  Obviously this is from Christmas last month.

15 facts about me (I'm not promising interesting)  :-)

1-I grew up military and moved a lot.  Until I was married, 3 years was the longest I ever lived in one house.  My new record is almost 6 years.
2-Before children, I worked in banking.  I was robbed once as a teller and the guy who robbed me got caught because he was playing around in his car with a friend in a parking lot.  The police who responded had responded to my robbery and thought the guy fit the description of the robber so he asked if he could look at his wallet.  The thief let the police look through his wallet-the note he used to rob me was still in it!
3-The other robbery I was in was a takeover.  That guy shot a bullet into the ceiling and one on the teller line.  I was at a desk that time.
4-I am half adopted.  My stepfather adopted me when I was 12.  He is the only father I every really knew and I consider him my real dad.
5-My youngest sister is one year younger than my oldest nephew.
6-My oldest sister is 12 years older than me and my little sister is almost 6 years younger.  I have nieces who have children.
7-I'm pregnant with child #3.  I find this interesting mostly for two reasons. 1-This was a surprise. 2-For several years I wanted more children but my husband did not so I asked for contentment with the two I have.  For a couple of years, I have been very content being a mom of 2.  God has a sense of humor.
8-Third child or not-I'm scared of childbirth.
9-My husband is originally from Norway and speaks Norwegian.  I never thought I'd marry someone who spoke a second language.  (And I find it sexy when he does.  Sorry if that's TMI, but this is my blog.)
10-Growing up, I wanted to be three things-a wife, a mom and a teacher.  As a homeschooling mama, I am all three and I love it.
11-I am a conservative Christian who prays daily that I will be more obedient to God's Word.  I desire to hunger and thirst for God's Word the way I should-but I don't.
12-We had a kransekake for a grooms cake at our wedding.  (It's a cake with rings-check out the link for a picture).  Traditionally the bride is blindfolded and with the husband, they take a knife and cut the rings.  The number of rings that fall off is the number of children you will have.  We cut off 4 rings (and I'm not having twins.)
13-My favorite color is red.
14-This is the fourth house my husband and I have purchased since we've been married.
15-I absolutely adore and love my husband!

30 Days of Blogging

Amber has this posted on her blog-she took from someone else's blog, who took it from someone else's blog, etc. I love this idea. Like Amber, I may not do this 30 days in a row, but I hope to at least get to all 30 days.

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
day 2- the meaning behind your blog name
day 3- a picture of you as a child
day 4- a habit that you wish you didn’t have
day 5- a picture of somewhere you've been
day 6- favorite super hero and why
day 7- a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you
day 8- short term goals for this month and why
day 9- something you're proud of in the past few days
day 10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
day 11- write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die
day 12- write a poem to someone you love
day 13- your 5 favorite books and why
day 14- a picture of you and your family
day 15- put your ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play
day 16- a picture of yourself
day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have
day 19- write about a sweet memory from your past
day 20- write a letter to someone
day 21-a picture of something that makes you happy
day 22- what makes you different from everyone else
day 23- something you crave a lot
day 24- post your favorite quote or verse of scripture and why
day 25- what I would find in your bag
day 26- list 10 things that you are thankful for
day 27- my day job verses my passion
day 28- cruise a thesaurus and pick out 10 words you like the sound of
day 29 - favorite tv shows and why you like them
day 30 - movies you can watch again and again.

TOS review: Ten Marks


TenMarks is an on-line math program designed to supplement any math curriculum you are using or you can use it as your main math program.  It is designed for grades 3 through high school.  In addition, when you sign up, you tell them what state you are in so the program is based on your state standards in math. 

Your child is given worksheets they need to complete on a weekly basis.  The default setting is 4 worksheets per week, however, you can change that number up or down.  Also, if you have a child who works fast, they have the option to fast track the program themselves and work ahead on their own. Before completing the worksheets, your child can watch videos explaining the concept they are working on and they can also choose to do practice worksheets.

The worksheets for grades 3 and 5 are multiple choice questions.  For the more difficult problems, be sure your child has paper and pencil to work out the problems.  Each worksheet contains 10 questions.  If your child gets stuck on a problem they have two on-line ways to get help.  They can watch a video explaining the concept they are learning or they can click on the hint button that simply gives them a hint towards the right answer.  There are only 3 hints allowed per problem.

Once your child is finished with the worksheet, they are graded.  They are also given the chance to go over the problems they got wrong one time and correct them. After they have completed a concept, your child is assigned a test.

As the parent, you have an account that keeps track of your child's assignments and progress.  You can go in and choose the order that the math worksheets are given.  For example, in grade three, a couple of the math concepts your child would do are time and place value.  If my current math curriculum has my child working on time, followed by place value, then I would go in and set up the worksheets so that my child would do time first, followed by place value.

The parent account also includes a summary of your child's work.  It shows what has been assigned and what has been completed. In addition, there is a report card for you to check.  The report card shows the number of answers they got correct on each worksheet, how many times they used a hint and watched a video and shows their concept strength.  If your child used too many hints or gets too many problems wrong, their concept strength is low and they are re-assigned a new worksheet on that concept.

You also have the option to set up rewards.  As the parent, you choose how many worksheets they must complete before getting the reward and you choose what the reward is-that means you are responsible for delivering the reward too. :-)  I chose not to use this feature.

There is a built in reward system as well.  After completing a certain number of worksheets, your child unlocks a game that they can go in and play at any time.  The games are quick and reinforce math concepts. 

One more thing I almost forgot to mention.  There is a pause button available so you can pause the program at any time.  I found this useful for the week after Christmas when we were moving into our house.  (Yup, my kids worked on school all the way until Christmas Eve this year.)

How we used TenMarks:

I decided to make TenMarks our primary math during this review period so I had the kids do basically one worksheet per day with the exception of our busiest day each week, which varied. Precise Prince absolutely loves math of all kinds.  He will occasionally do math in his spare time-for fun.  He loved the TenMarks program and used the fast track staying several concepts ahead. He has unlocked all the available games.

Creative Princess would much rather draw, write or do a craft.  I had to stay on top of her to make sure she got her worksheets done by the time they were due. Although she wasn't thrilled with having to do math on-line, she did pretty well and she is learning from this program which is really what matters.

-The program is on-line and simple to use.
-You do not need to do the grading.
-TenMarks keeps track of your student's progress.  Your student can even print out certificates showing they mastered each skill they completed well.
-You and your child set the pace.
-The program is based on your own state's standards.
-The worksheets are short enough to not be overwhelming and if your child needs to do more, you simply add more worksheets to their weekly assignments. 

-The questions are multiple choice.  It is easier for a child to just guess based on the answers and still get a high concept score.
-Since the questions are multiple choice, it would be best to supplement with some problems that are not multiple choice.

TenMarks is only $10 per month per child with discounts if you sign up for 6 months (at $49) and 12 months (at $89).  When you sign up for TenMarks, you can ask for an assessment to determine the best grade to start your child in.

(I was given a free 6 month subscription to TenMarks for both of my children in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was received.)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last weekend Creative Princess had her first ever gymnastics competition.  She is in rhythmic gymnastics and she competed in three categories-floor, hoop and ball.  She did a great job for her first competition!  She had a fantastic attitude and one of the biggest smiles around.  It was fun seeing her really enjoy herself.

In her level and age bracket, she ended up really only competing against three other girls-all from her own team.  She took second in 3 categories (including the all around) and third in one of them (I don't remember which one.) 

Next month, we'll be going out of town to let her compete again.  What I love is that she really wants to work harder to do even better next time.

I want to be completely truthful here without being negative.  Creative Princess's scores were low-in the 4's.  The other age bracket for her level was younger and most of their scores were in the 6 and 7's.  Now I am totally ok with this.  These are the girls that have gymnastics more than twice a week.  They most likely spend a lot more time practicing.  I'm fine with the twice a week.  I have not shared this with her but I do plan to.  I have no desire to increase how often she goes to practice, but I would like to see her practice a bit more at home on her own. 

We took pictures but most of them did not turn out-it's a gym and I'm no professional.  Also, I haven't gotten permission from the other moms yet about posting pics of their kids so I chose two not too blurry pics of Creative Princess to share here. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Reality will hit me

Yesterday I went in for an ultrasound to confirm the due date on the baby.  Having highly irregular cycles I can't just trust them to date a pregnancy.  The ultrasound gave me a due date of August 22nd, however, the doctor said that there is an error rate +/- 10 days so when it's within 10 days they keep the original due date.  So my due date is still August 15th.  I'm fine with the date, I'm just hoping my morning sickness stays in line with an August 15th due date and I'm done by the 13th week.

Seeing the baby on the ultrasound and seeing the heartbeat so strong (172) made this pregnancy a bit more of a reality.  I got a couple of tears watching.  However, complete reality is still alluding me.  It's still not completely sinking in that in approximately 7 more months, I will be holding my own baby in my arms.  I will be a mom of three, not two. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TOS review: Maestro Classics


Maestro Classics makes classical CD's geared toward children and their families.  For this review we were sent a copy of "Peter and the Wolf".

Here is a list of the tracks on the CD (from their website):

1. Peter and the Wolf............................................................29:07
For Narrator and Symphony Orchestra
2. The Life of the Composer: Prokofiev .....................................4:46
Bonnie Ward Simon
3. A Russian Peter..................................................................2.21
Trio Voronezh
4. The Magic Maestro Talks About Peter & the Wolf ....................6:18
Stephen Simon, conductor.
5. Peter and the Wolf without Narration ..................................21:02
Original Version
6. Invitation to Grandfather's Party........................................0:26
Prepare to Perform - Bonnie Ward Simon
7. Kalinka - Dance Along.........................................................2:44
Trio Voronezh

The CD also comes with a small 24 page booklet.  The booklet contains information about the piece as well as puzzles and other things for your child to do.  The only issue here is that the CD comes with only one booklet. If you have more than one child, they will have to share.

The kids and I enjoy listening to CD's in the car so I brought this CD along with us on our way to Creative Princess's gymnastics one day. We had finished the first track and most of the second track when we arrived. When we got back in the car after gymnastics, they asked if we could finish it-always a good sign.

PhotobucketWe had to pause the CD a few times for discussion.  For the purpose of this review, I wish I could remember better what we discussed. LOL  I do remember thinking "I'll have to write about this in my review.  These are good discussions."  I know we discussed what our favorite character in the story was and the different instruments used.  We also talked a bit about the composer's life.  I asked the kids what their favorite part of the CD was and both liked the Peter and the Wolf without narration track best. 
I am just going to have to recommend these CD's to you!  We all enjoyed the extras on the CD too-information about the composer's life and other music selections. 

Maestro Classics has many classical CD's available in addition to Peter and the Wolf.  (I'm really looking at the Sorcerer's Apprentice.)  The CD's are $16.98 each but right now they have a special of 3 CD's for $45. 

The recommended ages for these CD's are 5 and up but really, the whole family can enjoy them!

To see what my fellow crewmates have to say about Peter and the Wolf click here.

(I was given a free copy of Peter and the Wolf in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Children's Museum

For two years or so, Creative Princess has asked to visit the Children's Museum.  There always seemed to be a reason to postpone it.  Last week the kids and I were talking about something and the subject of ice skating came up-another thing we've been wanting to do for awhile.  After talking a bit, I said, "Ok, if I am feeling well enough on Thursday, we'll go ice skating."  Sometime in the next few days, the Children's Museum also came up. 

Well, yesterday was not a good day for me.  I felt sick all day-getting only a very short break from the morning sickness.  I thought "there is no way I can take the kids anywhere if I feel like this."  We talked about today and I told them I could do the Children's Museum if I was feeling well but that ice skating would be too hard for me right now. 

I am so thankful that after a tough morning, I started feeling better.   The kids and I headed to the Children's Museum.  I had asked the kids last week if they wanted me to invite the homeschool group on our outing and they both said "no."  I'm glad we decided to make it a day for just us.  I really enjoyed the time with the kids.  They did a great job being patient with the younger kids at the museum.  We were able to spend a little time in all the areas they wanted to go. 

Yes, the house is a mess still-there are lots of boxes left to unpack.  Yes, we didn't complete any official schoolwork today.  But it was so worth it! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

TOS review: Easy Classical

PhotobucketI received a digital copy of Easy Classical's Early Modern History Schedule for review.  I was given the copy of  Early Modern Times: Explorers to 1820.  Easy Classical is a company that provides resources to teachers and parents who are teaching their children through the classical method.  This particular schedule is geared toward elementary age students. 

When I first heard the term "history schedule" I was wondering what that meant.  Well, it's literally a schedule telling you what to do each day with your child in history.  It is designed to complement the information given in Susan Wise Bauer's book "The Well Trained Mind: a Guide to Classical Education at Home." It is also meant to complement their main schedules, however, you can easily use the history schedule on its own. 
The schedule is based on a 35 week school year and is broken down into 5 sections meant to be used in the order the schedule is written.  The five sections are Explorers, Thirteen Colonies, Colonial America, Road to Independence, and Revolution.

There is a list of resources you will need at the beginning of the book.  Each weekly lesson ends with a list of supplies you will need for the following week.  There are several books I imagine you would want to purchase to go with this schedule.  Their website has a page with links to purchase most of these resources.  Other resources (such as the historical fiction suggestions) would most likely be available through your local library.

Each week starts off with what looks like a fair amount of reading on Monday.  As I do not own the resources recommended I can't tell how much reading is actually required but there seems to be at least 4-10 chapters to read in several books.  Then as the week progresses, there is a writing assignment (you will need their writing resource to do the writing project), geography lessons, a project (usually using one of the History Pockets books mentioned on this page) a read aloud book and a test on Fridays.  Also, each week has a list of questions (with the answers for the teacher) to discuss with the children.

Now, as I do not have the resources listed and we do not use a classical approach in our schooling, I wasn't able to actually implement this schedule.  However, looking it over, the schedule looks pretty easy to navigate and use.  There are a lot of things to do during the week but it is mentioned that you do not need to do everything suggested.  I would recommend going through the week and choosing what would work for your family. You can take a look at the samples pages here

You can purchase their history schedule in two forms.  The 3-ring binder form is $39.95 while the instant downloadable PDF file is only $29.95.
Go here to see what my fellow crewmates had to say about Easy Classical.

( I was given a copy of the Early Modern Times history schedule for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.)

(As of posting this morning, the Easy Classical website was down.  I will check the links again this afternoon to ensure they are working.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Now that the "cat is out of the bag" I want to put into words how I'm feeling and what has been happening.  I wrote a little when my kids were babies and I love reading it to remind it of things really were.

We are expecting baby number 3 in August.  This is a surprise baby for us (but never a surprise for God.)  Yes, over the past 9 years, we've played "Russian Roulette" many times but I never really thought I would get pregnant again.  Over the past 9 years I've also gone back and forth between wanting more children and being content with the two beautiful ones we have.  I've prayed about being content and for the past few years, I have been content.  So I say that God has a sense of humor.  He gave me contentment and then had me get pregnant.

There is more fear that I am feeling than I would like to be.  But the fears are so different than the first two times.  I'm older, at an age that doctors usually consider advanced for pregnancy, although many women are having babies later in life.  I will be saying no to the tests doctors like to perform simply due to age.  The tests won't change my feelings about this life inside of me.  I love this baby already.  I'm overweight and out of shape.  My stamina is not as good as when I was younger. 

I want a healthy baby but I don't fear if the baby isn't "perfect".  Not the way I did with the first two.  For years, I've used the phrase "Well, if we had a third then I would do xyz differently."  I wonder if this is true.  I fear I won't be as patient.  I fear lack of sleep. 

I'm scared about the change a new baby will bring to our family.  It will be a big change, in most ways, I think more than when the first two were born. 

But I am working on giving those fears to God.  I need not fear because everything is in His hands and His control.  His ways are perfect. 

And now for something light--pictures from Christmas time.

First up, pictures taken with my family Christmas gathering.

Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law's house:

Christmas morning:

TOS Review: Math Facts Now

Math Facts Now was developed by a homeschool dad who wanted a way to help his children memorize their math facts.
I think of Math Facts Now as on-line flashcards.  You begin by setting up a lesson for your child tailored to their needs.  You decide which function (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), which numbers will be included (for example, you can set up the lesson to work on only the 7 times table), how many problems they must do to complete the lesson and how long they have to type in the answer to each problem.  For Precise Prince, I set up his first lesson to practice the 8 times tables, with 20 seconds to answer each problem and he had to do 25 problems to complete the lesson.  For Creative Princess, I set up her first lesson to practice addition with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 with 30 seconds to complete each problem and needing to do 25 problems to complete the lesson.  Your child then is given random math problems from your parameters.  If they type in an incorrect answer or take too long to answer the problem, they then have to type out the missed problem 2 times.  You can increase the number of times they have to type out missed problems.  Also, if they get a problem wrong, that problem will show up a bit more so they can practice it more.

I had the kids work on their lesson 3-4 times a week. As the days went by, I decreased the amount of time they had to answer the problems. (So instead of 30 seconds for Creative Princess, it went to 15 seconds.) To see if the program was truly helping, I would sometimes randomly ask math problems to the kids. Amazingly, they are doing better on the problems I've been having them work on.

You can also choose to add a reward for the end of the lesson.  You type in what that reward is and when the child finishes the lesson it will say "Your reward is xyz."  You, however, then have to provide the reward. :-)

The end of the lesson also gives a summary of how the child did-how many problems they got right and wrong, how many problems they took too long to answer and what their average time for answering was.  My son loved this and often reported how much faster he was completing the problems.

I really like that this is a no nonsense math program with the purpose of helping children simply memorize the basic math facts.  My son who loves math enjoyed this program and even set up some of his own lessons to work on.  My daughter does not care for math and honestly, she usually said "Do I have too?" when I made her work on her lessons.  But sometimes school work isn't fun.  You do what needs to be done to improve a skill and that is what this math program and is for and that is what it is doing for my kids. 

I absolutely recommend this program.  It is a great alternative to flash cards and worksheets.  In addition, the cost of $15.95 for an instant download is reasonable.  (It is $15.95 + $3.95 shipping/handling if you want a CD-ROM).  You can use this program for any child needing help with memorizing their math facts, setting up an account for each child.  Go here for a free trial.

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(I received Math Facts Now for free in return for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.)

Monday, January 3, 2011

TOS review: Positive Action for Christ

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I'm always looking for good ways for my children to learn more of God's Word so I was so excited to be able to review the 5th grade curriculum from Positive Action: Possessing the Land.

Positive Action desires not to just teach kids what God's Word says, but to teach them how to apply His Word to their lives.  They want kids to think about the Bible and what the "stories" mean.  (I used parenthesis for stories because I do not think of the Bible as a book of stories.  The Bible is part of God's history and it is not a fiction book.)

Possessing the Land came with a teacher's manual and a consumable, colorful workbook for Precise Prince to use.  It is an overview of the Old Testament starting with Genesis. 

Here's a confession-I don't "do" teacher's manuals. My oldest is fifth grade this year and last year was the first time I purchased a teacher's manual to go with something--and that was only because it was part of an awesome package deal and was less expensive than buying only the pieces I wanted.  So when I saw the thick teacher's manual to go with the curriculum my eyes glazed over and I hyperventilated a bit.  But I managed to sit and read the intro and even look through it while Precise Prince and I reviewed his workbook.  I even have come to like the teacher's manual for Possessing the Land!

The Teacher's Manual is geared toward a school setting but is easily adaptable to the homeschooling family.  Each lesson has scripture to memorize, a hymn to go with the lesson, a teaching strategy section and often other activity ideas to further the study.  There is emphasis on learning the relationships of the people in the Bible ( for example, Sara was married to Abraham and Sara bore Isaac, Hagar was the maidservant and bore Ishmael).  Each lesson also has a quiz you can copy for your child (or you can give the quiz orally).  There are lots of good discussion ideas in each lesson as well. 

The workbook lessons start with vocabulary words pertinent to the lesson.  Then there are about 5 or 6 sections with Bible reading, questions and sometimes puzzles for the student to complete.  We took one lesson per week doing one or two sections per day.  The questions aren't quick and simple-many of them require thought so asking Precise Prince to do a whole lesson in one day would have been too much.  Many of the lessons end with a section called Conquering the Enemy.  This section is meant to help the student apply God's Word to their lives.  I really liked this section as it got Precise Prince to think about his own life.

You could use the workbook on it's own without the teacher's manual, but you really won't get as much out of it.  I recommend the teacher's manual (did I just write that? LOL).  If you have only the workbook, you will need to do the questions with your child to be sure they are reading the Bible passages correctly and understanding what they are reading and there will be more work for you.  In addition, the teacher's manual has many ideas to expand the curriculum to further help your student apply God's Word to their life.

I'm just going to say it-I love this curriculum! It is an in depth Bible study that does more than just try to have the kids memorize a bunch of Bible stories.  I love that the questions are geared toward the child learning to apply God's Word to their own lives.  I am planning on getting the 3rd grade curriculum for Creative Princess.

One word of caution I feel should be mentioned-do this study with your child.  Don't just give them the workbook and let it end there.  I have not found anything I have disagreed with in this curriculum but we should always be taking anything man-made and referring it back to God's Word-even Bible studies.  As I mentioned, I plan to purchase the 3rd grade curriculum for my 3rd grader and we will continue to use the 5th grade curriculum but I will be reviewing their work and working with them.
The Possessing the Land student workbook costs $12.95.  (There is a discount for large orders of the same book.) The Teacher's Manual in print form (it comes with a three ring binder) costs $33.95 and is only $19.95 if you order the CD-ROM version instead.  You can also purchase music to go with the curriculum as well.  Go here to order Possessing the Land. You can purchase curriculum for other grades as well-just click on the grade you want on the side bar. 

Go here to see what my fellow crewmates had to say about Positive Action for Christ.  You will find reviews on the different grade levels.

(I received a copy of the fifth grade curriculum, Possessing the Land from Positive Action in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was received.)