Monday, June 13, 2011

Picture Post

I finally uploaded pictures from the last couple of months on the computer.

First up, a few Easter pictures:

Babysitting my youngest niece-isn't she a cutie!?

Creative Princess made cookies at Bestemor's (my husband's mom) house.  This was her own recipe and they ended up more like brownies.  She really enjoyed them. 

At one of my great-niece's baptism.  This is my niece I've had the privilege of babysitting about once a week since she was 3 months old.  I always joke that when she is with me, she is treated like the third child in the family. :-)

Here are the kids in the family.  My kids and my youngest sister's child are growing up with their second cousins-wait, I think it's their cousins once removed.  The kids are my nieces' kids. 

And here are my nieces and nephew-the adult ones.  The current baby in the family is also my niece.  Yes, I have a complicated family tree and I love them all.

Mother's Day pictures.  Creative Princess put on a puppet show with three puppets representing me, my mom and my husband's mom.

Creative Princesses gymnastics show:

Precise Prince at baseball playoffs: 

Playing outside on one of the rare warm days we've had around here.