Saturday, July 6, 2013

Picture post

spring piano recital

working on projects

Father's day

Beautiful kids

project time

macaroni play

water fun

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Creative Princess's clean room

I hope to get back into blogging soon.  Just not much time lately.

Both the big kids have been working on cleaning their rooms for over a month.  We had a two week illness in there or it would have taken less time.  Creative Princess is done and I am so proud of how hard she worked.  Did she do it the way I would have done it?  No, she did it her way and did a good job.  The pictures really don't show the good job she did but you have to know Creative Princess to know this is amazing.  She has a hard time getting rid of her things and she did very well organizing them.

Precise Prince is almost done.  I am sure he will be done this week.  We painted his room last weekend so he had a few days he really couldn't work in it.  But it is coming along nicely and he is doing an amazing job as well.  He and I think a little more alike and he tends to be pretty good at getting rid of things. I am proud of him too!