Friday, September 23, 2011


In my last post, I wrote about Little One's funky diapers.  Well, after almost two weeks of being dairy free, she had a day of normal diapers, only to return to mucusy ones.  Alas, I have cut out a lot more foods to see if we can get this under control.  I didn't cut out as much as I did with Creative Princess but almost.  I have seen some signs that things may be improving but the jury is still out.  Mostly I want to be sure that things don't escalate to the point that Little One hurts.  Right now it seems she isn't hurting (although there were a few days I wondered if she was hurting.)

I had more to blog but I can't remember what.  I rarely get on the computer during a time I have two hands available to type.  I'll just add some pictures and leave it at that.

Burping time

She was smiling but of course, once the camera came out, we couldn't get a picture.

My youngest niece and her dad

One of Little One's cousins

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The past few weeks

A little background:  Creative Princess had a severe milk allergy until she was 7.  We discovered it when she was only a few months old and I was nursing her.  I avoided the foods she was allergic to (which included egg) and continued nursing her until she was 2.  So I have some experience with food allergies in a breastfed baby.

(Warning: poop discussion following)  I noticed a few weeks ago that Little One's diapers seemed off.  Her poo wasn't the brown, seedy poop of a breastfed baby.  This was after we stopped having to supplement with formula due to low blood sugar problems. Having gone through what I did with Creative Princess, I decided to take all milk products out of my diet.  Lo and behold, her poos have been more normal for a couple of days (after a week off milk).  She had her one month dr. appt. today and she confirmed that milk was probably the culprit.  Looks like I'll be going without dairy for awhile.

Little One's check up went great today.  She's gained two pounds since birth and is 2 inches taller.

Sleeping has been going pretty well.  Most nights we start off with a 3 or 4 hour stretch.  Two nights ago, it was 5 hours.  Little One seems to be making her own schedule.  She's has awake time in the morning and evening.  Some evening's she is a bit fussy, but not too bad.  She cluster feeds most evenings-Precise Prince did the same.  I don't mind the cluster feeding but it makes it a challenge to go anywhere in the evening.  Plus I don't want to be judged for it.  Funny, I normally don't care what others think but I feel like I have to defend some of my parenting practices for babies-I feed on demand, refuse bottles for at least 5 weeks (we will start a bottle soon in hopes Little One will take expressed milk occasionally), don't do pacifiers, like baby wearing, don't start solids before  baby is 6 months and sitting on her own, support co-sleeping (and we do co-sleep for part of the night, some nights), and I don't schedule my baby.  Now, I don't care if others don't do things the way I do as long as they are taking care of their babies.  I would say more on these issues but really, I need to go to bed and still have a few more things to type.

I turned 40 recently.  We're having a small BBQ this weekend to celebrate but for my actual birthday, my family spoiled me.  I got a comfy blanket, a new shirt and a gift card to Gene Juarez (can't wait to get a massage but will need to wait until Little One is nursing less.)  My dear older daughter baked me a cake (milk free) and my son cooked dinner (Cornish hens, potatos and corn).  My husband cleaned up and I just relaxed.  It was a perfect day!

Other pictures to share:


My niece wouldn't let me get a picture of her holding the baby but her fiance would.  He is a natural!

I didn't go to our church retreat this year.  The night before I didn't get much sleep and the thought of being exhausted and having to nurse undercover in 80 degree weather did not sound good.  World Traveler took the big kids and had fun as usual.

I had to add a couple pictures of me with Little One.  I only have a few. 

Monday, September 5, 2011


I call Little One my burrito when I have her all swaddled up in her Halo sack. 

Creative Princess's tooth

Creative Princess was visiting her grandma (known as Bestemor) who lives in our rental house on our property.  She decided to try to climb through a window, despite being told "no."  In the process, she slipped and hit her mouth and chin on the window sill and broke one of her front teeth. 
She came running over crying.  There was very little blood.  Her cousins were visiting and brought the broken tooth over.  Thankfully she was more scared then hurt.  It did hurt a bit and it hurt when she touched it but it wasn't severe at all. 

World Traveler called the dentist's office. This happened on Saturday and the dentist wanted to see her Sunday morning.  She also said to put the broken tooth in a cup of milk in case it can be used.  The piece that broke off was big and the dentist wasn't sure it would be strong enough. Unfortunately, once the dentist touched the tooth, it caused too much pain. She wrapped it with gauze to protect it. The dentist called a specialist whose answering service basically said "call back Tuesday."  So she is going to call and get an appointment and call us Tuesday.  Creative Princess will probably have to have some work done to keep the nerve from being exposed and causing more pain.  Then they will work on a way to make the tooth look normal and be functional.  The dentist we saw was not our regular dentist.  (Apparently he is on vacation.)  She was awesome!  We really felt that she was more concerned with our daughter's tooth than anything else.  She made our daughter feel at ease and was very calming.

So we will now be spending some time at the dentist's office over the next few weeks. This is the most serious injury I believe our kids have had-no stitches, no broken bones,etc.  Although both kids have had nursemaid's elbow but that isn't even as major as this, IMO.