Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Birthdays and the hospital

It's birthday month here in the house with the two oldest kids turning a year older.  Creative Princess turned 11 and had a home party with 14 of her friends.  She chose a spy theme and we had a treasure hunt and played an observation game.  I baked her an Oreo cookie cake, which was a bit of work but it sure tasted good!  For her family dinner, she chose pizza and a big cookie.  

Precise Prince turned 13.  I can't believe we have a teenager in the house now.  He had a party at the Family Fun Center so the boys could play laser tag.  Then they all came over for a sleepover.  I had to laugh as the boys were getting ready for bed and one asked "What smells?"  I said "Eight boys in one room."  HA  He had fun and enjoyed everything. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone his family dinner.  He got sick Sunday night and so did I. 

Little One found a friend with the same name.  They were so cute playing together.

After being up with stomach issues part of Sunday night, I decided at 6:00am I should go to the ER to get fluids (for the third time in a year.)  I was cramping pretty bad so they gave me a pain medication too.  After a short rest, the nurse had me sit up to go home.  As I sat up, I told her I was going to faint.  She said that is a normal feeling from the pain meds but I wasn't going to faint.  I know my body well and yes, I passed out.  So they admitted me to the hospital for observation.  I continued with stomach issues but started getting better and was released the next day.  I am home and feeling better, but not great. I did get some tests scheduled for January. I also have a call into the doctor for Precise Prince.  He has had some tests done for his stomach issues and so far we have seen only a little bit of improvement.  He is getting referred to a GI doctor now.  Hopefully we can figure out what has been causing all these stomach problems we have been having.

My husband is so awesome!  He took care of the kids, coped with a baby that didn't want to sleep through the night and did all the cooking and cleaning.  Right now, he is out running errands with the baby and I have strict orders to rest and not clean.  I figured typing a blog post is rest. 

We will have Precise Prince's Asian themed family dinner next week. By next week he and I should be feeling much better.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween, Hair clips,and Sensory bags

Halloween was low key, as usual.  We took Little One to three neighbor's houses and then the big kids went around the neighborhood.

Creative Princess made her own costume (as she usually does.)  I just love how creative she can be.  She wanted to be Isabella from the movie Phineas and Ferb in the Second Dimension. We went to a Thrift store and picked up most of the items and one of her grandma's made her sash.  Precise Prince dressed up as a business man.  This totally fit his personality.  I bought a little bee costume for Little One.  She absolutely hated the life vest she had to wear on the boat this summer so I figured I wouldn't even try a heavy costume.

Little One had fun playing with the candy she got and the candy in our bowl.  At one point she was taking out the candy from the bowl and filling her purse.  It was so cute.  We even let her have a little bit of chocolate.  Of course, she loved it.

Tonight Little One was in bed by 9:00 so I was able to sit and get a project done.  I made these cute flower hair clips for the girls in my family to give at Christmas.  I made a couple for Creative Princess for her Christmas sock.  They were super easy to make and not expensive!  Click here for the tutorial.

I also made some sensory bags for Little One to play with today. Click here for where I got the idea.  Little One had fun for a bit, squishing the bag and trying to open it, but I think she'll like them more in a few months. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Wearing sister's shirt

The kids taping a show about electronics

Too cute

Our piano player

Creative Princess made this scarf for her American girl dolls

Trying on mom's shoes

Wearing brother's shirt

Working on a science experiment